Our photo featured in LooksLikeFilm!

Our photo featured in LooksLikeFilm!

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Hannah and Sam = Samannah – Norfolk Wedding

Hannah, Sam and Alpacas

College Farm in Norfolk

Film only, Fuji 400H

Sarah and Mike in Rock My Wedding

Sarah and Mike’s wedding featured in Rock My Wedding

“I am in love with the exquisite photography by Bartek Kot at Shades of Love; you can guarantee that I’ll be pinning a whole heap of images from the gallery below including the roses, Sarah’s sweet pea bouquet, THAT ladder with all the daisies oh and Sarah’s parent’s house complete with rowboat at the front. House goals right there. Come and take a look.”


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8 simple tips | Getting Married in Dominican Republic

Getting Married in Dominican Republic


Imagine saying “I do” while standing on a pristine beach with white sand underfoot and turquoise water quietly lapping at the shore. Palm trees sway gently in the breeze while you say your vows to your beloved in front of your close friends and family.

The destination wedding of your dreams can be made a reality. By following these 8 simple tips, you can make your fantasy come true by getting married in the Dominican Republic.

1. Consider hiring a wedding planner that specialises in weddings in Dominican Republic. They will have the local connections needed to ensure that you get the best locations, resorts and anything else you may want for your dream wedding.

2. Understand the local regulations for Dominican Republic weddings, so that you can be sure to have all the paperwork you need sorted out before leaving home. You will need your passport, birth certificate and other legal documents. Enlisting the help of a wedding planner can make getting married in Dominican Republic go smoothly.

3. Plan what you will pack and remember that after your wedding in Dominican Republic, you will already be at your destination for the honeymoon. Make sure you bring what you need to relax on the beach and clothing for exploring the many amazing sights that Dominican Republic has to offer.

4. A good, professional photographer is a must. Not all your loved ones will be able to make it to see you getting married in Dominican Republic, so you will want to have lots of pictures and even video that you can share.

5. Prepare a list of sights and activities for you and your guests. Part of the fun of getting married in Dominican Republic is enjoying the country once the wedding is done. Your guests will also appreciate having an organised list of tours and other things they can do, either as a group or on their own.

6. Remember that we are in tough economic times. Look for cost saving opportunities where you can find them, whether it’s group discounts on airfare (generally groups of 8 or more) or renting a luxury villa with enough rooms that your guests don’t need to rent separate hotel rooms. Having a total cost for everything can also help your guests determine whether they can afford to join you for your wedding in Dominican Republic.

7. Check references and consult others online. Whether you’re going with a wedding planner or booking things on your own, be sure to check references to see what sort of experience others have had. Online reviews can also help you decide on resorts or activities others have enjoyed when getting married in Dominican Republic.

8. Transport your dress carefully. Use a garment bag to protect your dress and find out if you will be able to bring it as part of your carry-on on your flight. Once you arrive, have a local dry cleaner press out any wrinkles that may have happened on your way to your wedding in Dominican Republic.

Getting Married in Dominican Republic

By following these 8 simple tips, getting married in Dominican Republic can be a dream come true. Your combination destination wedding and honeymoon can be a magical time for you to bond with your new spouse and reconnect with family and friends.